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In New Delhi, 10 gm of 22-carat gold is being sold at Rs 47,210, while the same amount in Mumbai is being traded at Rs 47,280
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The gold price today, 27 October, touched Rs 48,270, rising by Rs 510 from yesterday’s trading price which was Rs 47,770. Meanwhile, silver is being sold at Rs 66,000 per kg, same as yesterday’s trading price.
Among the many metals, gold has been a perfect hedge against inflation over the years. Customers, stockholders as well as investors are increasingly seeking gold as an important investment for future endeavours. For the uninitiated, gold jewellery price differs across the country, due to state taxes, excise duty and making charges.
Below is the list of cities and the gold rates in them:
In New Delhi, 10 gm of 22-carat gold is being sold at Rs 47,210, while the same amount in Mumbai is being traded at Rs 47,280. Whereas in Chennai, the yellow metal is being purchased at Rs 45,380.
Furthermore, 10 gm of 24-carat gold is being sold at Rs 51,500 in New Delhi, whereas in Mumbai the rate for the same is Rs 48,270 and in Kolkata it is Rs 50,100. In Chennai the yellow metal is being traded at Rs 49,520.
Meanwhile in Ahmedabad and Jaipur, the price of 22 carat gold is Rs 45,990 and Rs 47,130, respectively. The price of 24-carat gold in these cities was Rs 49,080 and Rs 49,130, respectively,
On 26 October, the gold price was Rs 47,770, making it 0.34 percent higher than the week’s average gold rate of Rs 47608.6. However, silver prices witnessed a decline, falling to Rs 65,689.00, with a loss of 0.68 percent.
On 25 October, 2021, the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) prices in gold and silver had witnessed gain. However, the trend witnessed a decrease in MCX future prices after both the commodities underwent losses. Meanwhile, the US posting a recovery during the previous session, rising by 0.1 percent from a near one-month trough hit.
Updated Date:
According to the MCX data, gold futures decreased 0.16 per cent to Rs 50,280.00 and silver futures settled 0.93 per cent lower at Rs 55,572.00
According to the MCX data, gold futures rose 0.25 per cent to Rs 50,309.00 and silver futures witnessed an increase of 0.67 per cent and reached at Rs 55,960.00
The recent Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) figures reveal that gold futures, which are set to mature on 5 August this year, gained 0.05 percent to Rs 50,480.00. Silver futures, which are estimated to mature on 5 September, observed a fall of 0.10 percent and settled at Rs 56,410.00
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